How We Began

We have 2 children and we were at peace with the fact that we had just sent the last one off to college.  He was not gone a week when we got a phone call that he was buying us a dog.  The Matriarch that you see in the photo above is "Mark's Speckled Foxy".  Once she was a year old, we decided just had to have a friend.  We purchased "Texas Tabasco" and that is how it all began.  Speckles and Toby don't have puppies any more but they keep an eye on the farm and rest comfortable in the AC during the hot days of summer.

Our Dogs

We currently have 3 males on site. 

  • Pappy is the oldest. He is Black/Tan/White tri-colored.
  • Toby's Chance in a Million "Chancey" is the youngest.  He is a Blue/Tan/White tri-colored.  Not much Tan actually.
  • Texas Tabasco"Toby" is no longer producing but many of our breeding stock are related to him.  He is a Black/Tan/White.

We have 4 Black/Tan/White females that are breeding age and still producing:

  • Texas 'Lil
  • Abigail Snowflake
  • Mark's Katy Bug
  • A Million Lillies

Our Latest Litter

Chancey and Katy had a litter on 4/10/2017.  There were 2 males and 5 females.  Two of the females were Lemon/White but the others were standard Black/Tan/White.  5 females are remaining for sale and are featured in the slideshow below along with their parents.

Beagle and Puppy Facts

Beagles are Hunting dogs

Keep in mind that Beagles are hunting dogs.  They need a very, very good yard or they will run off chasing rabbits, squirrels, deer or anything else interesting.

Our Puppy Contract

Upon your purchasing a puppy, we will sign a purchase agreement.  We guaranteed against genetic disorders but cannot guarantee against every parasite.  You agree to return the dog to us if you cannot care for it and we will place it in a good home.

Continental Kennel Club

All of our Beagles are registered with the Continental Kennel Club.  You will receive puppy papers that will be used to register your puppy by mail or online.

Puppy Shots and Dewormings

All of our puppies have been dewormed and given their first puppy shots.  We recommend that you take the puppy to the veterinarian withing 48 hours of purchase to get it on a management plan.


At the time we allow our puppies to be purchased we will already have them eating dry puppy chow.  We recommend that you keep them on a high quality puppy food for at least 12 months.l


Contact us for a price on any of our puppies that are for sale.

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